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Midframe LLC
[SEP-13-2023] Closed due to Illness

I'm out sick this week. Hopefully I'll be back in next week. Sorry!

[MAY-31-2023] Temporarily Closing For Renovations

I will be closing the store temporarily for deep-cleaning, renovations, and electrical work. If you have an urgent request, please call and I can probably accomodate you. I'm expecting to be closed starting Friday, June 2nd and reopening the week after that on Monday, June 12th. I'm expecting to reorganize the store, and list some items for sale here on the website. I'm also hoping to add some more general content to the site, and I will try to make a simple youtube video of the store. Check back in a few weeks!

[AUG-8-2022] Re-Opening with Regular Hours

Wow, it has been far too many months since I have updated the site! Various personal matters of the last year have meant that I have not been open on a regular schedule. I apologize to anyone who tried to come in and found the store closed, but now I should be able to follow my listed hours of 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. most days. However, some customers do require me to travel to their locations, so an appointment is still suggested. If you have a big project in mind, it's helpful if you can send an email before you plan to come by so I can pull relevant hardware out for you to look over.

In the next few days I hope to complete more of this site itself. As you may have noticed, basically only the main page has any content right now. I've just been too busy to consider writing articles, but it's something I have wanted to do for quite some time and I should now be able to catch up with ideas I have had.

[JAN-15-2022] Finalizing Website Design

I set up this format for the website quite some time back, and didn't really have time to add any content before other work had to take priority. Now I'll be adding more content as often as I can, especially on the weekends. I know this plain HTML is old-fashioned in appearance, and it probably seems strange to some people that I'm not using something "easier" like Drupal or Wordpress. Personally, I find it more straightforward and maintainable to write code for my own features as I actually need them.

In past projects, I have actually tried some of the free and commercial CMS-style options, and in my opinion they present an enormous amount of options and features that I'd just disable anyway, like user profile images. They also tend to feature short support lifespans and surprising changes between versions, which can lead to various parts of the site displaying broken to the user.

Plain HTML, on the other hand, will probably be supported for a very long time, and in short I just want the site to work regularly with the least frustration. I also think this design recalls a simpler, warmer time in webdesign when corporations were still experimenting with expected styles for the business internet.

[JAN-14-2022] Re-Opened In New Location

The store will be formally re-opened on Monday, January 17th. I will be testing the open hours of Monday through Thursday, 8 AM though 6 PM. I might change those hours based on demand at the new location. Parking is free on the street and often there's a spot available right in front of my store, #1204. I'm still just one person, so calling ahead for an appointment is suggested. Or, feel free to send me an email: dsd@midframe.net

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